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Engage audiences globally through storytelling, video and language

So much of our business lives in a world dominated by English. While this is ‘efficient’ for the West, it belies a bigger issue around how we can engage and dialogue with people around the world in common issues and causes.

Current technology can bring messages to more and more people, using video to tell stories that can inspire change. The key is to provide content that is localized. Speaking to people in their native language. The ability to do this in a fast and inexpensive way has major implications for how knowledge can be spread and shared to people that need it most.

The use of these capabilities is growing in organizations for training, marketing and communications. This innovation can be leveraged for broader social purposes: health, education, social change, and news. Video can be used more and more to create compelling content that has a message and tells a story.

Storytelling in video form is rapidly becoming the dominant way to market, train, inspire, communicate, educate, entertain about all aspects of a business.  And as evidenced by the explosion of time spent on social media and digital communication, and the desire of all companies to emotionally engage with their customers, employees, stakeholders, suppliers – it is becoming increasingly important to communicate with people in their native languages, instead of in languages they might understand only as a 2nd or 3rd language.

Only 6% of the planet speaks English as a native language, another 19% speak it as a 2nd or 3rd language – meaning 75% of the world does not understand English.  As Nelson Mandela says:

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